The Capitalism Workshop has three goals.

The Capitalism Workshop’s first goal is to showcase current research being done by Left thinkers who are engaging with or applying political economy, variants of Marxism or critical theory to a problem in capitalist society. Graduate students, for example, may present a synopsis of their research and receive substantive feedback from peers in attendance.

The Capitalism Workshop’s second goal is to be a symposium for Left thinkers to discuss, share and dissect ideas about a recent topic, theory or book of significance to them. An established researcher or specialist in a related field, for example, may lead a group discussion.

The Capitalism Workshop’s third goal is to establish a loose network of Left thinkers–graduate students, emerging and established researchers–to share ideas, present work in progress and possibly, move toward the development of a research institute in Toronto that self-reflexively creates, applies and assesses a variety of analytical tools for studying capitalism today.

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