The Capitalism Workshop invites you to present the project you are currently building (a draft of a chapter or article) or a completed work (a published article or book). 

The three thematic focal points for the 2018-2019 sessions are: 1) the ecological crisis and eco-socialism; and 2) ICT, digital and platform capitalism, and Left responses.

To build with us, please submit a brief pitch for your project to the organizers. Include a title and a brief one paragraph description of your project, its link to the aforementioned themes, and how it contributes to knowledge about capitalism. The organizers will review proposals and respond to you if your work is selected for presentation.

If your project is selected, we recommend that your 30-35 minute talk address the following questions:

What is the topic of your work and what brought you to it?

What is the social problem your work addresses and why does it matter?

What theory are you working with? Why?

What is your method? Why?

What are your research findings so far?

How does your work contribute to understanding and changing the world?