Imre Szeman, Andrew Pendakis, Dhruv Jain, and James Penney


Wednesday December 5th, 6:30-9:00pm, A Different Booklist


There are very few figures in history that have exerted as much and as varied an influence as Karl Marx. His work represents an unrivalled intervention into fields as various as philosophy, journalism, economics, history, politics and cultural criticism. His name is invoked across the political spectrum in connection to revolution and insurrection, social justice and economic transformation. The Bloomsbury Companion to Marx is the definitive reference guide to Marx’s life and work. Written by an international team of leading Marx scholars, the book offers comprehensive coverage of Marx’s: life and contexts; sources, influences and encounters; key writings; major themes and topics; and reception and influence. This book is the ideal research resource for anyone working on Marx and his ideas today, and as an entry point, if you are approaching Marx’s thought for the first time. Join us in celebration of the Toronto book launch of The Bloomsbury Companion to Marx, and take in an evening of readings and discussion.


Jeff Diamanti, Andrew Pendakis, and Imre Szeman (2018). Introduction.